Taxation & compliance

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copy space. Accounting and Tax

Income Tax has become increasingly complex & needs lots more planning & strategies. This is because SARS has stepped up with lots of punitive penalties that have been introduced for non-compliance.

By structuring your affairs and transactions optimally, you can legitimately save substantial amounts in income tax, capital gains tax, estate duties & more.

To help our clients maximize their wealth, we offer a wide range of taxation support services, both for compliance and tax planning.

Our Tax services include:

  • Tax Filing for Returns for companies & individuals
  • Business & Tax structuring, planning and risk analysis
  • Vat & PAYE, UIF supervision, submissions & registrations
  • Deceased Estates Tax Administration
  • Tax & Estate Planning & more

Taxes, compliance, payroll and SARS…are all things you would rather not have to worry about!  Let Smarter Accounting Solutions take your worries away!